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About Prudent Home Inspections


Meet the Owner

Home Inspector, Chris Boysen is the owner and certified inspector of Prudent Inspections. Named for acting with or showing care and thought for the future.  Chris appreciates Michigan's culture and commitment to seeking locally sourced goods and services.

Chris has worked as a general contractor finishing basements, remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. He's always enjoyed fixing and bringing out the true potential in houses. Chris has been involved in finding solutions to save on energy bills as well, by not sacrificing comfort in the process and improving indoor air quality as a result.


Prudent Universal Home Inspection

When you hire Prudent Home Inspections to inspect your property, you've found a partner to help guide you through the process and assessment.  Many home inspectors don't invite their clients to be part of the inspection, but I welcome and encourage you to join me while inspecting your property.  I know this is a great opportunity for you to understand your new home.  I also offer additional services to meet your unique needs.


Be Confident In Your Property Transaction

Let Prudent Home Inspections help relieve the pressure cause by fear of the unknown by providing you with the knowledge needed to make life-changing decisions regarding buying or selling a property, with confidence. Following the inspection.  Any defects observed during the quality inspection comes with a subsequent digital report that accurately and precisely details the condition of your homes vital structural elements and operating systems.  I guarantee that your report will be available to you within 24 hours of your home inspection.  If you're looking for outstanding customer service, attention to detail, and want an inspector you can trust, please consider hiring me for your next home inspection.

Peace of Mind Inspection Services



        I comply with the InterNACHI Residential  Standards of Practice https://www.nachi.org/sop.htm and will inspect the following areas of your home when safely accessible and visible:

  • Structure - Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Roof, Basement or Crawlspace and Foundation.
  • Roof and Attic - Roof Construction, Framing, Chimneys, Ventilation, Insulation, Skylights, Gutters and Flashing.
  • Exterior - Grading, Wall Covering, Elevation, Drainage, Sidewalks, Fascia, Trim, Doors, Windows and Lighting, Porches/Decks.
  • Attached or Detached Garage - Slab, Ceiling, Walls, Vents, Entry, Garage Door, Openers, Receptacles, Lighting and Windows.
  • Systems - Water Furnaces, Heaters, Air Conditioning, Duck Work, and Fireplaces.
  • Electrical - Panels, Wiring, Circuit Breakers, Grounding, Receptacles, Ceiling Fans, and Light Fixtures.
  • Plumbing - Pipes, Toilets, Showers, Sinks, Faucets and Traps, Sump/Sewer.
  • Built-In Appliances - Dishwashers, Microwaves, Range and Oven, Garbage Disposal and Smoke Detectors/Recalls.



Pre-Listing Inspections

Are you selling your home in the Tri-City area?  Please contact us to complete a pre-Listing Inspection before putting your home on the market.  I'll let you know about any issues I discover, so you can fix them and list your home when it's in the best condition possible.  Pre-Listing Inspection services can simplify and speed up the sale of your home.

Home Maintenance Inspections

As your largest investment, your home requires regular maintenance to make sure all systems are in top working order.  A yearly Home Maintenance detects problems early  and reveals items in need of immediate repair along with items you'll want to fix in the future.  Contact Prudent Home Inspections today to take a look at your home and advise you of any issues!


A Prudent Home Re-Inspection is a follow-up inspection to your previous full home inspection after recommended repairs and modifications have been made.  This inspection ensures that work was completed following InterNACHI guidelines and that all issues observed in the prior inspection have been resolved.

Builders Warranty 11 Month Inspections

Newly built homes come with a 12 Month Builder's Warranty.  This warranty covers any flaws in workmanship, materials, and system defects that may arise within the first year of owning your home.  Contact Prudent Home Inspections in the  11th month before your warranty expires so that you don't pay out-of-pocket for repairs covered by your builder!

Certified Infrared Thermal Inspections

Thermal Imaging technology allows to see problems areas undetectable by the naked eye.  Using an infrared camera, I can see things like water intrusion, heat loss and ventilation problems, potential pest infestations, hidden roof leaks and electrical faults.  I can capture images of what's going on inside your walls, giving you a huge advantage over a conventional home inspection.



Radon Testing 

Radon is a radioactive, naturally occurring, cancer-causing gas which can only be detected with a professional radon test.  Make sure your home is safe for your family by hiring Prudent Home Inspections to test your home for radon today!

Mold Testing 

 Mold causes health issues and structural damage.  I'll test your property for mold and provide you with results from nationally accredited labs.

Well\City-Water Testing 

Make sure your family's water supply is clean and safe to drink! Independent lab results will show if there are any contaminants in your water.

WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms) Inspection 

Termite\Carpenter Ants damage is costly and often not covered by homeowner's insurance.  I'll provide a written report showing whether there's evidence of past damage or areas where future infestations are likely to occur.

Lead Testing 

I'll test common areas known to potentially contain lead and give you a report on my findings.

 Asbestos Testing 

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that is dangerous in high concentrations.  I use a nationally certified, bonded, and insured method for asbestos testing.